Today’s Remember When post is a special alumni/staff edition.  On a closing day last summer some alumni met up with one another when they were picking up their children, some of whom are now on staff.  Do you recognize anyone?


  • Carol Chechalk (Morden) says:

    The bottom picture looks to be Ann Collins and Nancy Weir holding a staff picture from the summer of 1980. People in the picture from left to right, back row: Magid or Amir, Jo Morris, Wanda ???, Shaun Sabatine, Jamie Austin, myself, Nancy Weir, Sue Morton, Cathy Nugent. Middle row (left to right): Nancy Quinton, Olive ???, Bob Faris, Brad Gloin, ?????(camp nurse?). Front row (left to right)Donna McNab, Magid or Amir, Ann Collins, Sheila Mc Curdy.

  • Ann Holden says:

    Hi Carol You are correct. The bottom picture is of my (Ann Collins- Holden) children and Nancy and her children. They are left to right. Aaron (Talus), Lauren (Pika) and our youngest Bethany. We then have Nancy and her son. I do not know her sons name. I have no idea how you can tell who is in the picture from this angle.
    The top picture is of a different Nancy (I can’t remember her last name– I will have to look it up) and her children. Ann