Remember When…

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Every Monday we will be posting a picture from the Kintail archives!  If you know who is in the picture or where it was taken, please let us know in the comments.  If you have story about the picture we would love to read about it.

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  • Marie "Mickey" McIntosh says:

    It was taken at a staff retreat. Scott Sinclair was the director. I believe it was the year 1997 or 1998. That is me in the pink tanktop to the right, Erin Sinclair behind me to the right, Roberta (Petrie)Morgan behind her, white shirt to the left Heather Loppeiar(spelling)grey shirt don’t know, hat don’t know behind the hat is Erin (forget the last name) to the left Sam Larkman, Jane Osborne, Man behind don’t know, to the left guy with a D on his hat is Eric Friar to his left Curtis ?, Dark hat, white shirt with read print is ?Frasier, woman Blue shirt and red Bandana Karen Frasier, White shirt in middle is Erin Miles (has married but don’t know her last name now)I have some of these folks on my FB page I can contact them and let them know that they are in the photo of the week!