Remember When…

By August 15, 2011Remember When...

Every Monday we will be posting a picture from the Kintail archives!  If you know who is in the picture or where it was taken, please let us know in the comments.  If you have story about the picture we would love to read about it. 

If you have pictures to contribute, just email Theresa ([email protected]).


  • Cypress says:

    I too that photo! Such a motley bunch…with the exception of Cricket on the end. My summers spent at Kintail were wonderful and I think about them often. Need to get back up for a visit soon. Hope the summer of 2011 was a memorable one for everyone who is blessed with the opportunity to spend time at Kintail.

  • Cypress says:

    It would help if I spell checked prior to pressing the submit button!

    I TOOK that photo is what it should read.