Remember When…

By July 18, 2011Remember When...

Every Monday we will be posting a picture from the Kintail archives!  If you know who is in the picture or where it was taken, please let us know in the comments.  If you have story about the picture we would love to read about it. 

If you have pictures to contribute, just email Theresa ([email protected]).


  • Allyson Voo says:

    We used to do weekly hayrides with campers when I worked at camp. I remember one year we actually took the haywagon to the crive in in Goderich for a staff evening out….I see a few familiar faces in this photo, from sometime in the early- mid 80’s: Lynn Turville, Kris Campbell, Peter Muir?, Ian??? someone’s gonna have to help with others.

  • Marian Raynard says:

    This dates back to the 1980s. The man with the horse and wagon was Clete Dalton – from Kintail. Clete really enjoyed coming back to the camp and taking the staff and campers on wagon rides. Clete always had a song to sing, and a story to tell.

  • I believe this was summer ’83 or ’84. The kid with the dark glasses is Travis Allison, and the kid standing behind Ian McLean I think is Chris Buckingham. Lynn Turville, Peter Muir and Iam McLean are the staff in the photo. Clete gave us Hayrides for 5 or 6 summers, every Sunday night. He died one or two years ago. Good times!!

  • Ian McLean says:

    Wow! Yes – that’s me alright – and yes, Lynn, Kris, and Peter. It’s the summer of ’84 – a fantastic summer . . . I recognize some of those campers. I think it was my first ever group. This photo looks so old!. . . . .

  • Pete Muir says:

    That was the summer of 84 . The others have named the staff and I don’t remember any of the campers . I do remember Ruth Ann Herbison riding one of the horses bareback while we were on a wagon ride and then she smelled like the horses …hahaha I also remember hitching up the wagon to my Father’s Suburban and driving around the “Square” in Goderich and then going to the Drive Inn to see Red Dawn ( one of the worst movies ever ) . The lady at the Theatre gate didn’t know what to charge us or where to park us. Kate is right Good Times !!!

  • Haa Ha – I remember that haywagon experience at the drive in – I believe the hay wagon made a few trips around the square in Goderich too. I had forgotten you were the one driving Peter!