Remember When…

 Thanks to Travis Allison for submitting this photo of his grandfather, who was a camper at Kintail in the 1930’s!

If you have a picture to submit, just email Theresa ([email protected]).


  • Grandpa (and Grandma) were the first of 3 generations of Kintail campers and Grandpa was on the Board in the early 70’s.

    Both attended as PYPS members and their children Brian, Marianne and Jeff, and grandchildren (my sister Sarah Jane and I) as campers.

    Uncle Jeff and I both served on the staff.

    In 1992, when I was LIT Director I lived for the summer in the old cabin 13 (which might now be one of the LIT cabins). I loved that there was graffiti with my uncle’s name on it.

  • What an awesome picture!!! I love camp history. There is such a common thread through it all. And what camp does for kids today is almost more important than it was back then. 150 years of camping and still going strong!

  • Chad Currah says:

    Hey Travis great picture. The camping experience is a wonderful right of passage regardless of the generation. Always great to hear and see what a positive impact it can have on people young and old.

  • Chad Currah says:

    Travis is my relative. Great guy takes the odd picture of my family.
    I work at Fruit of the Loom. My best friend is Doug we use to camp with the board of advisors. Before well you all know now.

  • Chad Currah says:

    Hi ya all,
    I am trying to connect with my old Buddy Doug Brown or the board of advisors. Do I have a story to tell………