Registration Information and the HST

By April 7, 2010Registration

Registration for the summer is going great so far!!  We have new campers daily and some of our camps are already starting to fill up!!

Our new secure on-line registration system is up and running.  It is very simple and once registration is complete, then all forms are filled out for the season.  In addition, when you register your child for camp next year, it will remember your information and you will only have to update the information, rather than fill out all the forms again.  Many families have tried and loved the new registration system, try it out yourself!

Another registration consideration to keep in mind is, as of May 1st, Camp Kintail is required to begin charging HST to the camp fee.  This means that after May 1st, each camp fee will have a 13% HST charge added to the regular fee.  To avoid paying HST, please send your registrations in as soon as possible.  The full fee does not have to be paid by May 1st, but registration forms and deposit must be into the office by May 1st in order to avoid paying the HST.  These are the new policies of the government that we must follow.

K2C (Boys Canoe) is already full, and K8O (Jr. Outdoor Adventure) and K5 (Family Camp) are nearly there!  Check out our Rates and Dates page for the latest information on our camp capacities.