Register a Camper 2021 Guide

Welcome!  The registration process is just like it has been in previous years. Below you can see a quick guide to what the steps of registering will look like. When you register, there will be tips and instructions at the top of your screen.We hope to see you and your camper at Kintail this summer!

Step 1:

Click “registration” and log in to an existing account or “Create a new household.” You will be able to add family members, update emergency contacts etc. in later steps. If you have forgotten your password, click “forgot password” and a link will be sent to your e-mail address.

Step 2:

If you already have your household set up with all of your family members added, you can go ahead and click “Start Application.” If you don’t have family members listed you can select “Manage People and Household Information” to add or update family members.

Step 3:

Look over the instructions prompt for details regarding the sessions you are registering for (eg. Overnight Camp, Day Camp, Week/ Weekend Away etc). Then click continue at the bottom of the screen.


Step 4:

Select ONLY the people who you are registering for camp. If you are not registering for “A Weekend Away” or a retreat, do not select a parent. Only the camper you wish to register. MAKE SURE they have a correct birthday listed. If you do not have a birthday added you will not see the camps that are available.


Step 5:

Select your camper from the tabs at the top of the page (you can see this on image two in the table below) then select which camp you would like to register for. Only camps they are eligible for will appear. If a camp is full there will a notification with the opportunity to “Add to wait-list.” Select your campers, select one price, then continue!

Step 6:

Fill out the required forms. This is a step that will take some time. The Medical Form will require a health card number, immunization information etc. If you skip this step, your spot will not be held. Please complete the forms then hit next. If you leave or attempt to skip this step your registration will not go through.

Step 6

Select your payment option. Instructions for this will be at the top of your screen so give them a read and select the payment date the week before your first camp session. You will be asked to input your credit card information but you will not be charged anything today.

You did it! There are instructions at the top of the screen for each step of the registration process if you get stuck or confused. This process is exactly the same as it has been in previous years. Thank you for looking this over and we hope to see you and your camper!