Rec Hall by Plasma

By February 21, 2014Uncategorized

If you’ve been in the Rec Hall at all over the past couple of years, you may have noticed a bounce in your step.

And not the peppy type of bounce that we all picture.

The right side of our Rec Hall floor has been saggy and bouncy for quite a while now, and we finally took it upon ourselves to tear it up and replace it. So at the end of K8 in 2013, the demolition began, and we tore up the whole right side, revealing the rotten joists underneath. After a day of demo and a morning of clean up, we got started and didn’t stop. As soon as the new joists and blocking were in, we began the flooring and had it done by wednesday of K9.

The floor is now very sturdy and ready for many more years of music & drama and dance camp!

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  • Clint says:

    Nice to see that love is being poured into the old Rec Hall. And that the storage room still stands in the corner where once a teen camper fell from its roof; I believe while sleep walking. No Moms and Dads, it won’t happen again. But sure does bring back some laughable memories.