A Quiet Reflection from a Loud Camp Counsellor

By August 21, 2017Uncategorized

I think I always thought of camp as a place where it brings out all my energy and happiness into the forefront of my persona. I perpetually have a smile on my face, sing songs, and love life. While this is true about myself at camp, my year at camp has been very different. This spring and summer was a time of reflection and processing for me.

In  February of this year, my family lost my grandfather suddenly. It was a major loss for us. He had this quiet and strong demeanour about him and was a man of few words (basically the opposite of a loud camp staff), but I always loved him and I knew he always loved me. When he passed away, I was in the middle of my winter term in University and needed to throw myself back into school.

At camp, I’ve now begun to spend time praying in the Labyrinth, down at the beach for reflection, or walking around the Bluff just feeling the breeze lift through my hair. While it has been nice to get these times to remember my Boppi, more than anything else, I feel God in those times of reflection in such a strong way than I have ever felt. Part of me believes it’s God telling me that my Boppi is okay. He doesn’t ache anymore. Another part of me believes it’s God just being there for me; something I’ve needed for a long time that camp gave me.

This has been my fourth year on staff at Camp Kintail, and as I reflect on this past summer, I’m so grateful for the retreat of prayer camp has given me. There’s something so spiritual that I can’t really put into words. Maybe it’s the people there, the Christian community it offers, or the physical area of the camp. I truly wish I could explain to you what makes it such a beautiful place for your faith. That’s just something for you to come and find out yourselves.