Each Leader in Training program is anchored by sessions and activities to develop the individual’s leadership skills.  There will be sessions on communication, leadership styles, group dynamics, and conflict resolution. All LITs will also learn skills such as game and song leadership, leading in front of large groups, and program development.

All our programs will offer a four day hiking out-trip with an emphasis on skill development in outdoor living on the Maitland Trail.  They will camp overnight and cook their own meals during this time, then hike from campsite to campsite during the day. This trip helps the group come together, gives them outdoor living skills, and provides them with the opportunity to use the skills they have been learning. If this trip will not be physically possible for your Leader in Training, please contact the office to make alternative arrangements.

Each program participant will spend time under the supervision of a Camp Kintail staff member in a camper cabin, learning how to be a counsellor.  This will take place after sessions on child development, bullying, child abuse, and camper communication.

To apply to be an LIT, applicants and their parents should go to the Camp Kintail on-line registration process. Along with the regular registration information, there is a section of questions designed for the LIT applicant to answer as part of their application.