These are the exciting options for campers to choose this week:

Waterfront Explorer

Improve your swimming skills, paddle a canoe or a kayak, and play tons of water games.  Build castles, bury your counselor, and collect shells.  There is no better place to be at Kintail than at the beach!

Music Explorer

Come participate in our Explorers band. Singers and musicians of all types are needed! Even if you don’t play an instrument, come join in and learn new skills.

Dance Explorer

Move to the music and use your talents and imagination to create a new dance routine.  This special dance will be showcased on Saturday morning for the parents.

Adventure Explorer

Come and explore our low ropes course and the cedar forest.  Find the trails and hobbit homes, try the swinging tires and the pirate’s crossing, and get stealth training for our camp-wide games.