A scenic view of a deck that overlooks the mountains at Laurel Ridge.

Kintail is thrilled to be a part of Program Connection this year, and can’t wait to host in 2021! Flame, Hydra, Piglet, and Beebalm are all at Laurel Ridge Camp and Retreat Center in North Carolina and are excited about all the great ideas they hope to bring back for our summer and year-round programming.

What is Program Connection?

Program Connection is a hands-on, discussion-based opportunity for camp professionals to learn from one another and bring new ideas back to their sites. An annual gathering through the PCCCA (Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association), this year we are participating alongside camps from Presbyterian, Moravian, United Church of Christ, and Lutheran denominations. Take a look at some of the great camps represented here!

Program Connection Participants 2020

An image graphic put together of camp logos for those who attended Program Connection. The logos are from the following sites: Menucha, Camp Wyoming, Agape, Camp Hanover, Camp Kintail, John Knox, Stronghold, Kirkwood, Holmes, Gilmont, Ferncliff, Camp Pee Dee, United Church Camps, Laurel Ridge, and Fellowship.


What’s the Conversation?

All four of the Kintail staff arrived at Laurel Ridge a day early to get certified in Mental Health First Aid. Through the rest of the week, sessions have covered a range of topics, including diversity, staff training, year-round programming, social media, ecumenical relationships and community outreach. The conference also builds in other shared learning opportunities such as back-pocket games, worship music, large group games, and more! Every mealtime is also an opportunity to chat, build relationships, and learn from one another and we are so thankful for the resources and insight each person and camp brings.

A scenic sunset view through the trees that overlook the mountains at Laurel Ridge.

Thank you!

Thank you to Laurel Ridge for hosting this year! You can learn more about this beautiful 700 acre site and all the amazing programming they offer on their website https://www.laurelridge.org/index.html