This morning at 7am, Axis, Solstice, Flare, and Wombat heading out from Kintail to Algonquin Park. They are heading out on a pre-trip with pro-tripper Jamie McDonald to hone their tripping skills before the summer. They are trying out a route and learning some new menu items. THey should have a fantastic time and we are looking forward to hearing about their adventures.

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  • Zack Sandor says:

    Hyia! I just wanted to mention that I love the blog, and really enjoy keeping up to date on the goings-on at Kintail! Reading it makes me super jealous! I can’t wait until I’m up for family camp.

    All the best. I’ll be keeping the staff in my thoughts and prayers as they gear up for another wonderful summer!

    Zack “Zenith” Sandor