Pre-Camp by Peridot

By March 31, 2015Staff, Off-season

Hey guys!

A lot of you know what the Kintail Staff does during the summer because you see us around camp working, but you often ask us what we do in the spring before campers arrive. Well, I’m here to tell you! At the end of April, the program staff come up to camp and start working. For a while it’s still so cold that there’s still ice on the lake!!

In the beginning we spend a lot of time cleaning and getting the site ready for the summer! We also work on preparing our program areas – the beach, the garden, the craft cubby, the office…stuff like that. Then we have lots of school and retreat groups come to camp and we run activities for them until the end of June. At that point the counsellors move up to camp, we all have a week of staff training, and then the campers arrive!!

See you in the summer!