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Why your next field trip should be to a Summer Camp!

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Spring is in the air and we are so excited to have students back with us at Kintail for their year-end trips! It’s no surprise that we are out of space, as field trips to summer camps can make life long memories and inspire change in students for years to come. Shelagh “Flame” O’Neil explains what makes a camp field trip so special, and what makes a school trip to Camp Kintail especially special!

“The Kintail tagline is “A place to grow” and I truly believe that this still holds true even when students visit Kintail for a day-trip. There are opportunities for them to positively grow in so many different ways.” – Shelagh “Flame” O’Neill

Why is Kintail such a great field-trip location?

Customization. We work closely with the teachers and staff at different schools to meet the individual needs of the groups that are coming to the camp. For example, teachers that visit us in the spring are often looking for fun, end of the year, celebration type trips. In the fall teachers are often looking for group bonding and team building trips and we spend time with them developing schedules and sessions so that those different needs are met.

What are some popular camp activities for field-trips?

High-ropes, rock-wall, climbing activities and our low-ropes and team leadership activities. Every group tackles those team-building challenges differently. What I’ve really enjoyed over the last couple of years is some of the high-school student councils who have visited our site for almost four or five years now and working with those groups on leadership and team development. It’s really amazing to see those people interact with each other and grow as they get to know each other better and understand the connection between the team-building we do at camp- which uses ropes, and balls, and blindfolds and connecting that to the work they do in their schools.

What do you wish every student knew before coming to camp?

I wish that students knew that Camp Kintail has the best staff around. The Kintail staff are fun and enthusiastic while still being caring and nurturing and safety conscious. They will ensure that you have the best time ever! Also, we have awesome food at Camp Kintail.

What’s the most exciting thing about Camp Kintail as a teacher?

It’s so exciting to see how the staff here at Kintail interact with your students to create a supportive and nurturing environment that encourages your students to challenge themselves! Be it just putting on a harness and helmet and going and looking at the rock-wall, climbing to the top of the Adventure Tower with a partner, or going down the slide- our staff and the way they interact with the students is amazing to see. Every day students are pushing themselves and stepping outside of their bubble to try something new or try to interact with their class in a different way.

We would love to see you at Kintail and there are many other great ways to experience the fun and growth that camp as to offer! Learn more and connect with us today!
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