Peace of Polar Dip

By November 30, 2016Uncategorized

Immediately after Polar Dip is one of my favourite times at camp. Picture an early morning, around 7:15 by the time all the kids have dunked their heads and gone back up the 111 steps to prepare for their days. The beach becomes silent again. The only sounds around are natural ones; birds, waves, wind, etc. The calmness and stillness of everything around me gives me energy and new strength for the day ahead. In moments like these, there is no doubt why I am here and how great our God truly is. Even in a place of chaos, play and noise, God blesses us with these little miraculous moments.



Polar dip (for those unaccustomed) is one of the many morning activities offered to campers throughout the summer. At 7am, campers and counselors who are brave enough will meet a lifeguard on the beach and together they plunge into Lake Huron and quickly come to shore to towel off. If you do this 4 times in one week, you’ll be inducted into the prestigious ‘Polar Bear Club’. For more information on the activities offered at Kintail, visit the activities at Camp page.