Pancakes by Peppermint

Every spring I have headed to the Spring food show. This is a day when I don’t cook but try new food from different suppliers. I am always excited to try new samples and bring back some new ideas in my apron pocket.

As long as I have been at Camp Kintail, it is a ritual to have pancakes on Monday morning. Well, we don’t want to mess with a good thing but …

I am happy to announce we do have a NEW pancake mix supplier. This year Kintail Campers, Staff and Guests will be enjoying pancake mix supplied by P and H Milling Group, Cambridge.

These pancakes are so good you may just want to come to Camp Kintail for TWO weeks this summer.

Are you wondering just how much pancake mix Camp Kintail devours each season? Well the picture I have included shows just 1/6 th of what we cooked up last year.

Thank you P and H Milling Group for the yummy pancake mix.      (Next we need a Maple Syrup Supplier!)