Overnight Trips by Escarpment

By January 22, 2015Staff

Part of my job as outdoor living skills director last summer was to oversee onsite trip at camp. Onsite trip is a great feature of camp where 1-2 cabins hike down to the banks of Kerry’s Creek after dinner (about a 10 minute walk), hang out, have a campfire, and sleep there in tents. Onsite trip is a really great bonding experience for cabins and a chance to experience “roughing it” without having to go on a long out trip. Some of my favourite memories as a camper involve onsite trip, and I’ve continued to have great experiences when running it this year. One cabin built a fire pit in the middle of the stream and used a special fire starter to make a multi-coloured fire in the middle of the stream. Another cabin rebuilt an old shelter across the bank of the stream used branches and tarps and all slept in it. Often, we just eat a delicious fire-cooked snack (like cinnamon and brown sugar roasted apples), and watch the stars and the countless fireflies while sitting around the campfire. Setting up, repacking, and airing out the tents is a lot of work, but its so very worth for campers to have this awesome experience!