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At the beginning of the spring when I got to camp, I couldn’t build a fire. I didn’t know much about fires and that was pretty scary because I was the Outdoor Living Skills director. How was I supposed to teach campers about the outdoors if I couldn’t even build a fire? Fortunately, for the campers and myself, I figured it out. It did take me a while and involved a lot of me staring at fire pits and being frustrated, but I think not being able to build a fire at the beginning of the year paid off, it was much easier to teach people how to build a fire because I had been in their shoes only a few months earlier. It didn’t take me too long to get better though, with help from my other friends on staff and the fact that I practiced a whole lot, I learned how to build a fire. I built a few really sweet ones too, a couple in the rain and one really huge one on the beach.

I’m really glad I learned to build a fire, and also that I was Outdoor Living Skills director. Playing in the forest and building fires with the kids was always super fun and those times are some of my best memories. It was nice helping kids learn a new skill as well as getting to enjoy the fire with them by roasting bannock. Thankfully, I can now confidently make a fire and quite a few campers that came to Outdoor Living Skills sessions throughout the summer can too!




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