Outdoor Adventure by Tide

By February 10, 2014Uncategorized

Hey friends! Tide here to tell you about my experience with Outdoor adventure! This summer I had the opportunity to lead two ODA camps. I lead a Junior ODA during K4 and it was probably one of the more challenging experiences of my summer. They stayed on Cabin Hill in Tundra and Bonsai and ate most of our take out/cook meals in the Glen. The kids really enjoyed being able to cook their own meals and eating while appreciating the beauty of God’s creation! We also had a “Hunger Games” lunch. We basically played a big games of free for all tag and the winners got the eat first. They loved it! Seeing as it was a rainy week, we weren’t able to do our on-site trip down at the actual site. Instead we set up our tents and camped out in the Rec Hall! All in all it was a wonderful week!

I also had the opportunity to lead Intermediate ODA during K8. They stayed in the tents in Keewaydin and we ate all of our cook and take out meals out there as well. Seeing as it was quite a rainy week, we did a lot of things inside for the first couple of days. We made lots of bracelets and had great chats in McKay Hall. We also made fire starters out of wax and twigs in Harmony House (some of which we used. They’re very handy!). Once the weather cleared up we started doing a lot more things outside in the wild. We made some pretty sick forts down in the Bluff and had a wonderful On-site trip. This time we were able to go down to the actual site! All in all, it was a pretty chill week of cooking meals and appreciating the outdoors!

I hope everyone is having a splendid year. Farewell for now!