Outdoor Adventure at Kintail

By October 26, 2011Uncategorized

Hey Kintailians, this past summer i counselled a few weeks, specialty a week, and even did music and drama, but my main job was to be the Outdoor Adventure camp’s Director. This year for ODA (outdoor adventure) we ran 3 different weeks, one for intermediates and two for juniors. The camps ranged from being 17 campers a week to having 42 campers a week, that was great because it kept me busy planning a completely different adventure for each camp. The difference between main camps and Outdoor Adventure is that we build our whole focus for the week around learning outdoorsy hard and soft skills like fire building, shelter building, and learning what different wild plants do what for example. We also spend close to a whole day down on our onsite trip area living in tents and playing in the stream, and cook about 40% of our own food. I had a lot of fun with outdoor adventure this year, and I’m glad i was able to be a part of leading such a neat program.


Ethan “Bacon” Brown