Out-Trip by Talus

By December 8, 2013Uncategorized

This is Talus with Armadillo; together we went on a canoe trip this past summer to Algonquin Park. We left access point 3 to camp on several lakes including Ralph Bice Lake, Queer Lake, and Daisy Lake. Together with three of the best campers ever we thrived and became an efficient team of five.

I (Talus) went on a total of three trips this year.  Two weeks after the canoe trip I returned to Algonquin park with the August Lit program. This time we left from access point 2, just underneath the last access point. If you talk to any of the Lit’s they will tell you that we had quite the adventure canoeing, portaging and fighting the weather. It really is nice having the extra support from the other trippers including Zabrini and Sockeye.

The last trip of the summer went to the Bruce trail. It was a hike from High dump to Stormhaven then onto Cyprus Lake. We spent several days in Cyprus doing day trips all around the Bruce peninsula. This included going to Tobermory for an afternoon to see the start of the Bruce Trail and get ice cream. We also saw the sunset on a part of the park called Singing sands, a beach so flat that you could walk out for half a kilometre and still not get your bathing suit wet. I lead this trip with my sister Pika, a dynamic combination

In my opinion trip is one of the most over looked experiences. As a camper, I never even considered to be a tripper. Camp offers so much too each individual that I saw no need to see that camp experience any other way. I was so mistaken; trip offers a new vision of an older world. In so many ways trip forces each tripper to temporarily become isolated from technology and become dependent on each other. Consider tripping this upcoming summer; consider seeing creation in a new way.