Ontario Presbyterian Camp Conference

By June 9, 2010Staff

From Sunday to Tuesday, the second annual Ontario Presbyterian Camp Conference was held at Camp Kintail.  A year ago, the staff from Kintail and Cairn spent a couple of days together at Cairn.  We learned a lot about our sister camp and grew together in Christian community.  The Kintail staff was excited to host the Cairn staff at our camp this year.  We spent a lot of time dancing, laughing, sharing, and singing.  Jeff Crawford, Synod Youth Consultant (Synod of Central & Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda) and Spencer Edward, Synod Youth Consultant (Synod of Southwestern Ontario) led us in thinking about re-creation, peer ministry, and being the church as young adults.  Highlights of the conference were doing low ropes elements, campfire, and worship in our (half-finished) chapel.

There is a lot that connects our camps to one another and we are thankful for the opportunity to make those connections deeper.  The most important thing we share is our sincere belief that what we do changes children’s lives and this helps all of us grow closer to Christ.  We at Kintail have met a lot of new friends and look forward to seeing everyone at Cairn next year!

(Photos provided by Brenden “Dune” Sherratt and Lindsey “Quasar” Hoover)