The first official Kintail campfire took place last Saturday at St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church in London.  The Camp Kintail staff were invited to lead a campfire at the London Presbytery’s One Day Wonder, a day long retreat for junior high aged youth.  We had a fabulous time and we loved the atmosphere set by the faux campfire, blankets, stars, and crickets in the background.  Congratulations to the London Presbytery Youth Ministry Team for a successful event!  Special thanks for Quasar, Vapour, Marlin, Birch, Blizzard, Roots, Daffodil, and Mercury for a high energy campfire!

All the photos are contributed by Lindsey “Quasar” Hoover.

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  • Algae says:

    It’s a rare and fantastic moment when Mercury does a song at campfire. It’s the best.

    So glad to hear this event was a success!