Ocelot’s Guest Post

By April 20, 2009Uncategorized

Ocelot’s Guest Post!

Good Morning! Well college exams are wrapping up and that means soon I’ll be up at camp, planning and scheming for the summer. I bet eighteen years ago, when I first attended family camp, the staff never would have imagined I’d be doing the same jobs as them. A lot has changed but every year I start thinking about camp sooner and it gets harder to not just run up there right now!

I hope you have all been practicing your game faces as much as I have. I’m having more and more dreams about camp as it gets closer & even a few nightmares of Trillium chasing me around cabin hill. I’ve seen some campers at churches this year during the off season and I’m so excited to hear they’re coming back. And those who aren’t returning should still come up for commissioning. You can visit your old counsellors, celebrate 80 years of Kintail and indulge your fantasies at the pig roast!

Well, we all knew it would lead to this some day, I’m going to be Program Director for summer 2009! And YOU should be there to experience it! Come prepared, well rested and super excited this summer because there is much fun to be had.