Proud to be an OCA Accredited Camp

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K5 Family Camp 2015 play aquamat games water lake fun.

Did you know that Camp Kintail is an OCA accredited camp? If you are unsure of what that means, let us explain it for you:

The Ontario Camps Association is an organization that requires camps to meet standards in order to be accredited. By choosing an OCA accredited camp, families can be assured that their children will be safe and well cared for. Member camps must adhere to the highest standards of safety, supervision and quality programming. Standards cover all aspects of camp including facilities, health and safety, food service, water quality, program, transportation, management, and staffing.

Every few years Camp Kintail must apply for re-accreditation to ensure that we are persistently adhering to these standards.

The Ontario Camps Association (OCA) is a fantastic resource to parents. Parents are quoted as saying that the OCA are extremely helpful and responsive to helping to choose camps for their campers or resolve queries about the camp their child will be attending.

How does being an OCA accredited camp help Camp Kintail?

By being an OCA accredited camp, Kintail will be featured in the OCA Camps Guide Brochure every year. We also get access to special conferences, preferred vendors, and a vast network of professionals throughout the camping industry. In addition we can proudly display the OCA accredited camp logo on our website or on visible areas around camp. The OCA logo identifies to campers, their families, and staff that Camp Kintail meets industry standards – only accredited camps are able to use the OCA logo on literature and on their signs.

An accredited camp is one that has met all the standards for safety, support, and emergency management from areas like programming, kitchen and food services, health care, and maintenance. In summary, the OCA accredited camp logo is the stamp of a great camp.

To find out more about the Ontario Camping Association and how they can be an additional resource for you as a parent, visit their website or click the logo below!

OCA Accredited Camps