Nile’s Guest Post – Craft Cubby Clean

By November 11, 2011Uncategorized

August 2011 – As the summer dwindles down it is now time for the official cubby clean to start. As arts and crafts director this year I have grown into a paint brush cleaning machine as well as a master of the boondoggle square and given the chance I would do it all again. This summer was filled with jar creatures, yarn animals, cup cake candles, scratch art, Rudolph necklaces, bandanas and many more exciting crafts. My favourite craft this summer was making little wire people, not only was it fun to turn a long piece of wire into a little person, you could also dress them in your own crazy outfits (I even made mine a little car)! When I look back years from now the memories of the good ol’ Kintail times, spending time just talking with campers and listening to oldies tunes on harmony house porch will definitely be at the top of the list. It truly was a summer to remember.