Night Skies at Camp Kintail by Pipit

By December 18, 2017Uncategorized

As a child I loved looking up at the night sky and watching the stars move across the heavens. Summertime meant camping trips which mean being able to see thousands of stars every night. Some of my favourite summertime memories include lying on the beach or sitting around a fire at night seeing the Milky Way and shooting stars and learning to identify constellations with my family. As I’ve gotten older, my summers have become filled with jobs, school, and other responsibilities that have made it more difficult to get away from the city to stargaze. This summer at Camp Kintail has been a wonderful experience and has brought back so many memories from my childhood. One of the highlights has been the opportunity to look up in wonder as the night sky opens up its treasure. In particular, on August 13, the Perseid meteor shower was on full display and dozens of meteors could be seen just by stepping out the front door and looking up. It has been such a blessing to be at Camp Kintail, where after a full day, I can pause at night to marvel at the beauty of God’s Creation.

– Pipit