Nature by Rue

By December 19, 2012Uncategorized

When I first got the Job as Nature Director I was so excited to lead sessions like Water Filtration, Nature Jeopardy and Paper Making. I then realized these are things every camper has already done numerous times and it was time to shake things up a bit. I am currently studying Near Eastern and Classical Archaeology at Wilfrid Laurier University and I thought I would use my knowledge to make an interesting session based on our past. Intermediate and Senior campers were given the opportunity to survey different areas around camp, measure off 1 metre by 1 metre squares, learn how to excavate a secluded space, and to study the stratigraphy. I have just recently got back to Canada after spending two months in Madaba, Jordan doing an archaeological dig and I was so excited to teach the basics of what I had learnt. I was so amazed how into the activity most campers got and how well they solved the mystery. Their task was to excavate a couple of “ancient” scrolls and by using the information they received at the beginning of the session to decode them. We did other sessions that involved astronomy, the water cycle and how we can be earth friendly in our everyday lives. Overall, I highly enjoyed working as the Nature Director for the summer of 2012. I have learnt so much from all the campers and cannot thank them enough for making such an impact on me. It was such an amazing experience mixing my passion for archaeology and my love for camp. I hope that some of the campers that came to my session will also find an interest in archaeology and maybe one day be in the same shoes I am now!