My Home by Kai

By February 5, 2018Staff

I never would have imagined, nearly eight years ago, when my Mom and I drove down that lane, that I would find my home. Camp Kintail has made me who I am today. More than that, it has cultivated my best qualities. Meeting the wonderful staff as a camper was inspiring; I had met my role models. They loved me and accepted me as I was. I made friends with my home-cut bangs and non-conformism; whereas at home, they only made me a target.

The love I feel when I’m there gets me through the year. When I’m feeling down, I read the notes I’ve kept throughout the years. When I need advice, I turn towards my L.I.T’s. When I’m faced with a tough situation, I think of what I would want to tell my campers. The oceans of memories I have had the privilege of making everyday consistently bring me to tears. Literally. I cry when I think back on my experiences at camp. The kindness
we’ve shared. The friends I’ve made. The love and respect we all have for one another. It is impossible to feel anything less than complete and utter gratitude thinking about my time at camp; knowing that I’ve had the chance to stand alongside my role models and inspire kids to become who they want to be. I will spend my whole life cherishing my time spent at Camp Kintail. My home.

With love,