Music at Camp

By October 15, 2014Uncategorized

Hello all!

It’s been a great summer, as always, for music. At camp, music is such a huge part of our everyday life. We start every morning and end every evening with it. Whether it’s a voice, or the piano, the guitar, or even the bagpipes, music is all around.

I believe that music is an essential part of every child’s life and learning experiences. As staff, we try to incorporate it into as much of our everyday programming as possible. We sing songs at morning chapel, FLASH (Faith Learning and SHaring), campfire, and even at mealtimes to keep things interesting. Most weeks we also have a camp-wide skit night where kids and staff alike can showcase their talents or just do something crazy as a cabin group. It’s a great way to keep kids engaged and also just lots of fun!

As a staff, making music is very important to us and, just as we try to incorporate it for campers, we try hard to do the same for ourselves. Many of us have some form of musical talent and we absolutely love to play at every chance we get. Every evening, before we have our own staff FLASH, we spend half an hour singing songs out of our new song books. This is a great time for us to really get into the music that we all love so much.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and that sometime today, you will take the time to listen to or even make you’re own music!

Much love,