Music & Art Leader in Training Group

By August 14, 2009Uncategorized

The Music and Art LIT group will be leaving tomorrow morning. They are better known at camp as the MALITs, and we will miss their energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn. Pacific and Wooly Mammoth were amazing leaders this group. They had in-cabin experiences during Sprouts, Family Camp, and Day Camp. During Kintail Express Camp they have been leading music, art, dance, and drama sessions. They also had a short camping trip to the Knox Forest just outside of Auburn.

We are the MALITs of 2009,
We sing and we dance and we speak all in rhyme.
We have so much to share,
But we’ve few lines to spare,
So we’ll keep it straight to the point:

An experience like this
Is one you shouldn’t miss.
No doubt in our mind,
It’s one of a kind.

We grew with the children,
In faith and in trust.
We worked on our skills,
And that is a must.

It’s a month of guitars, singing, and joy,
And sandwiches of jelly, and butter of soy.
We made some food, we sang lots of songs,
We went on hobbit hunts – no matter how long.

We are the MALITs of 2009,
This month was ours to learn and to shine.
We leave you with a challenge, plain and true:
We are now leaders, how about you?

We will miss you! We are looking forward to seeing you on staff next summer!