Music and Drama by Parakeet

Hey, Parakeet here! This spring and summer have been a blast!  This year I had the pleasure of being the Music and Drama Director here at Camp Kintail. Throughout the spring I was busy cleaning the tickle trunk, which is a place where we put all of our costumes. I dumped all the bins out and then relabelled and reorganized the bins, now the tickle trunk is spotless! Another thing that I did in the spring was select the commissioning song. The song I picked was “Build your Kingdom Here” by The Rend Collective Experiment. The reason why I picked this song was because it is one of my favourite songs, it is up beat and very catchy. As the body of Christ, our hope is that as churches around the world sing this song, it will be stirring their faith and they’ll live out the truth of the song.

In the summer I did music and drama sessions. Some of the things that I have done during sessions are dress up relays, encore, skit in a bag, name that tune charades, and lots more!  During Daycamp I was doing music and drama with the Sprouts and I dressed up as Princess Pat who is a character from one of the songs we do at campfire. Princess Pat had lost her crown as well as her mother the Queen’s crown. So the children had to dress up to help Princess Pat find the crowns! After we found the crowns we sang the Princess Pat song, and then played dance freeze, and so much more! The kids had so much fun dressing up, singing songs, playing dance freeze and the children’s ultimate favourite game beat master!  I never tire of singing with the campers and staff,  and sharing my love of music.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful summer! It was a blast!

~ Parakeet