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By August 3, 2010Where in the World?

Hello Camp Kintail Blog Followers!
I am home from camp (missing it already!) and I cannot believe how much has happened this summer!
As you may have read in June; Quasar, Bacon, Kamani, and myself had the amazing opportunity to travel to Malawi, Africa with the Presbyterian program called Youth In Mission.

Did you know?
President: Bingu wa Mutharika
Capital: Lilongwe
Area: 118,484 sq km
Official languages: English, Chichewa
Major religions: Christianity, Islam
Monetary Unit: Malawian Kwatcha (1USD = 175 MK)
Economy: More than half the population lives below the poverty line.
Life expectancy: 48 – 53 years
Under 5 mortality rate, per 1000: 100
Adult (>15yrs) Literacy Rate, % of pop.: 72%
Orphans (child with 0 or 1 parent) in Malawi: over 500,000 orphans, largely due to the AIDS epidemic.

So far this summer, I have been able to speak about our experience at my home church Central Presbyterian in Brantford, I have planned to speak at 2 other churches this fall, and the 4 of us from Kintail have taught songs we learned there, and led Faith Learning And SHaring (the bible study time) for staff.  In the latest F.L.A.SH we talked about what mission is and what it means to different people.  We also answered questions from the staff about the trip.  One question that was hard to answer was, “What change have you made in your life since Malawi?”.  The Malawi trip was an incredible and educational experience, but when asked that question my first thought was – nothing, uh oh, I’ve done nothing.  Then it occurred to me it doesn’t have to be something huge – no one person can change the world in a day – every little bit makes a difference.  I know myself and the other 8 young adults and 2 leaders from our trip have been sharing their stories of our trip to Malawi.  I have made small goals for myself related to reflections of our trip – little things that have become important things.  I work to make time to speak about the trip, to reflect on it, write about it, and to make little changes in my life in hopes that it can make a difference for others.

God Bless,

Guppy  >-}}}D