Monsoon’s Summer Poem

By September 16, 2010Staff

Laura “Monsoon” Johnson was one of the staff who recieved a tree for five years of leadership on Kintail staff this summer.  One of her Kintail traditions is writing a poem for the staff each year.  Here is the 2010 edition!

Let Your Light Shine 


I had a dream the other day
About a place so great
Like nothing I knew
So here’s what I’ll do,
I’ll help you with your wait.

I know you’ll see my dream one day
But now I will describe
The things that took place
In this dream – like space
That made everything seem alive

Here Trillium talks, Roots like to walk,
And Daffodil takes charge.
If you look around
Mercury can be found,
And babies are always at large.

Where fire is friendly and Flames don’t burn out,
They keep going all times of the day.
Where a Dune of sand
Goes singing on land,
And Guavas have something to say.

In my dream a Quasar and Vapour collide,
And Bacon makes everyone laugh.
Where a Flare gives a stare
And Kamanis take care
Of what we need when we do watercraft.

Algae is found nearby the Pacific
And Oysters always seem to hide.
A Monsoon’s everywhere
Doing her share,
And Marines are sitting inside.

The Axis of the earth keeps moving around,
And Infernos do more good than bad.
There’s Almonds, despite
A nut free site,
And a Hazel is always going mad.

In my dream I saw what I’d never seen,
Where Magma makes fires ignite.
A Guppy takes care
Of the kids everywhere,
And Sparrowhawk helps make things right.

A Lupin is found in the bunny cage
And Kowaris are found by a wall.
Lua likes to do crafts
While others play on rafts,
It’s a good time had by all.

When I look in the kitchen a Fjord is the cook
With a Dragon helping along,
Habanero adds spice
To make the food nice,
And a Dinosaur proves they’re not gone.

I see wild Giraffes hang out and just Chill
And Wolverines are playing guitar.
In the water’s a Finn
So I won’t go in,
I plan to stay away far.

Here Clementines will rap and the Nile is a cat
Zabrinis are known to be short.
Lemur loves all the ladies,
Avalanche loves all the babies
And Orbits have silly retorts.

The Flow of the water carries Flounders around
With Barnacles and Sockeyes there too.
Where the Ozone above
Helps spread of the love
And everyone likes eating Duku.

In my dream Kyrptonite is an actual thing
And Plasma is always so cool.
Talus gives good advice
And Maringa’s so nice
And Radishes always rule.

Armadillos here are local things,
A penguin resembles a Quail.
A Ficus has flair
Apricot is so fair
And Archer’s anything but frail.

Rue is always ambitious and Peridots too,
They like to travel the world.
A Baobab tree
Is a beauty to see,
And Tika’s a spunky sort of girl.

Here Lanolins are foreign and Petals are new,
And a Puffin’s not really a bird.
A Crash makes you grin
And a Sprig likes to win,
A Cumulus is sure to be heard.

All these things in my dream seemed out of place
How had they come to be?
In this space they shared
It seemed… they cared.
And wanted to help you and me.

Then it made sense, when I looked around
And suddenly I knew it must be so.
My dream was a vision
Of a place with a mission
Because camp is a place we can grow.

I wrote this poem so I could thank
The staff, all friends of mine.
You make this place real,
Give it a great feel
So continue to Let Your Light Shine.

Love, Monsoon