Monsoon’s Guest Post

By March 28, 2009Uncategorized

Hello Kintailers!
Wow… school is hectic. There’s homework to be done, theatre productions to be worked on, and a life to be had. It’s basically crazy right now. And so I keep thinking: camp is just a few months away!

I’m super stoked to be returning to MAD, so I can play all the fun games I got to play last year, as well as introduce some new activities. I’ve been thinking about the Commisioning song, K8, and am especially excited for some sports-themed campfire songs for Sports Spectacular.

I’m also extremely thrilled about this year’s staff. I’m looking forward to working with a fabulous group of people who I know will make this summer epic for everyone who comes! As well, I can’t believe that some camps are full already! That’s awesome!

I’m basically counting down ’til the summer.. so until then, later days! Monsoon