Monsoon’s Annual Staff Poem

By July 7, 2009Uncategorized

Every year, Monsoon writes a poem for staff training Kintail Players that incorporates all of the staff earth names. Enjoy! A Love Story for Joe
My friend’s name is Joe and he has a cat
He has a cat who wears a large hat.
Oh wait – there’s already a story like that.
Well Joe has a friend and his name is Sam,
Every morning for breakfast they eat green eggs and ham.
What? That’s been done? I’m sorry, I am.
Well, what about a tale about creatures so small
That barely anyone could hear them at all.
Or a story about a creature so horribly mean
It took a small girl to show him how mean he had been.
See, this is Joe’s problem, with a frown on his face,
He’s stuck in a spot called the Waiting Place.
Where the grass doesn’t grow and the sun doesn’t shine
And his life seems to move in repetitive rhyme.

Hey wait, I’m the writer, I can do what I wish.
Let’s get Joe away from these red and blue fish.
During the warm summer Solstice, to a magical land,
Where the Pebbles are plenty and the Grizzlies are grand.
To a land called Pangea where the evenings are Chill
Where you can eat so much Bacon, til you’ve have your fill.
The Slopes of the mountains are easy to climb
And the trees they have many a sweet Clementine.
Here, things are different. Here, things are new.
The world started one day and eventually grew.
Joe learned a Sonic boom had erupted from the sky
The air was full of Static, and Flames and Flares flew by.
Out of something bad, something new was beginning.
The world would Orbit its Axis, and the world started spinning.

Here, Joe crossed the Sahara and walked over a Dune
Til out of the sky rained a mighty Monsoon.
“Oh great,” Joe thought, “this place is as bad as before.
Now in this new place I’m drenched to the core.”
But don’t worry Joe, don’t worry or fret.
Things aren’t that bad here, it’s not over yet!
See, the water in this place flows into the Nile
And if you wait, but only a short while.
Some water turns to Vapour and enters the air,
And if you look up you can see Lua there.
The Quasar is glowing, you can’t help but grin,
This world is so great you can’t wait to get in.
More water enters the Pacific, where animals Marine
Like Guppies and Amoebas are sure to be seen.
The Tetras are swimming and the Oysters stay still.
And here every creature can do as they will.

Here your Calico cat, can run without being caught.
Just like a wild Cougar, Puma, or Ocelot.
The Giraffes gallop around, with Llamas by their feet.
And the Shrews live their life to their very own beat.
Sure, Magma flows and Avalanches happen too,
But they’re not always bad things, and in this world it’s true.
That when Tinder starts an Inferno, and burns down all the Trees.
Only good things can happen after these.

New plants grow to make Guavas, and Kamini grow too,
Out of the old, comes a great new.
Lilies, Lupins, and Echinacea sprout from the ground,
And Wolverines are seen running around.
Lemurs and Wombats go everywhere they wish
Eating Almonds out of a coconut dish.
The Zabrinis scurry and move all about.
They run through the Chicories that started to sprout.
In this world, Yetis walk around on the lawn
And Wooly Mammoths are something that aren’t yet quite gone.

In this land, the Trilliums are plenty and the babies run free.
And off in the sky you can see Mercury.
And while Joe is here he can make some friends
Cause when you’re here the fun never ends,
With people like Fin, Sturgeon and Dragon too,
You can meet new people who want to meet you.

Hey! I see a smile on my friend Joe’s face.
It seems to me he likes this place.
There you go Joe, are things quite new?
Because, Joe, I wrote this story for you.

Here you can dance, Joe, and here you can sing.
Because at Camp Kintail, Love, changes everything.