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Mid-Summer LIT by Hazel

By January 3, 2013Uncategorized

This summer Yeti and I had the experience of a lifetime running the Mid-Summer LIT program. Yeti and I were LITS together in August 2006 and getting to experience working with him running our own group of LITS is something I wouldn’t change the world for. Our LITS were amazing; they picked incredible earth names, flourished in cabins, went on a stellar out trip on The Bruce, and became the best of friends. Yeti and I wanted to provide an experience for our LITS just as our LIT RC’s had for us. Now I can’t speak for the LITS, but I know that the month we spent with them was life changing for us as LIT RC’s. I cannot wait to see them interact with campers, be part of the maintenance team, or spend time in the kitchen because I know they will be the most amazing Camp Kintail Staff members’ eva!

Mama Haze