Message from the July LITs!

Hey Everyone! It’s the 2010 July LITs here and we’re going to update you all on what we’ve been up to this past week and a half!

We arrived last Sunday and as this week has gone by we’ve bonded through climbing the rock wall, learning in sessions and a soaking wet on-site trip. Almost every day we’re spent a few hours on the beach coming up with new games, skipping rocks or throwing a football around. We also learned how to do a canoe over canoe rescue and we staged a few tips, along with a few “legit” tips as well. The week had a beautiful but super hot weather, with a night of pouring rain that we spent in tents.

On Saturday Momma Flame and Poppa Dune left us in the care of our Auntie Monsoon. She taught us a bunch of games or “never-can-tells” and we prepared for our church service with Sparrow-Hawk, or as we know him, Spock. Auntie Monsoon taught many of us how to do laundry and we ended the day with a beach camp fire with our buddies, the Sojouners.

On Sunday we headed off to Knox Ripley and Ashfield Presbyterian to run a church service with Trillium and Sparrow-Hawk and Sunny, for moral support.

After we got back we had a sweet lunch of leftovers and spent some hours at the beach waiting for campers to arrive. This is where we got our new nature names, took a brutal fake quiz and learned what cabins we were in for half days. We’re enjoying our time in cabins, but looking forward to being in cabins for full days, the arrival of the Music and Art LITs and our canoe trip next weekend!


Marlin, Dorsal, Helix, Tornado, Aqua, Snowdrop, Zucchini, Albatross and Friction

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