Meridian & Ask Me Another

By November 30, 2015Uncategorized


This summer, one of my main goals was to bring some new / forgotten games to the camp community. There were a variety of activities that were explored, but one hands down took the prize for camp favourite. “Ask Me Another” was so popular, that campers would come on their first day asking to play because of the legends their friends had told them.

For any of you guardians out there who were fans of the classic “Whose line is it anyways?” You’ll remember the likes of Collin Mochrie and Ryan Styles as they conversed in inquiries and

inquiries only. To those of you who find these names foreign ( fix that, and also ) here is a small explanation and a little link:

In order to play, two people face each other, the first asking a question, to which the other responds with yet another question. This continues until one player stalls, accidentally makes a statement, or becomes nonsensical.

How the game was introduced, was that each camper could approach me with a question. If they were able to beat me, they obtained a week’s worth of bragging rights for their ability to “defeat the champion”. Through the whole summer, no camper ( or counsellor for that matter ) could accomplish the task. The best thing though was the drive and determination this challenge produced. The game continued far past music and drama sessions ; this summer, I have been asked more questions than I have in my last 10 years, and have asked an obscene amount in turn. Except for once, the pressure for an answer wasn’t ever really needed. Quick wit, and the ability to laugh were the only things required. For now, I remain the reigning champ, but that only makes me look forward to future challengers of the title.