Meet the Program Staff of 2011

By February 8, 2011Staff

We are thrilled to announce the Program Staff of 2011!  They are a hard working, fun, and talented group who will bring their many gifts and skills to Camp Kintail this summer.  Please check out their biographies on our Meet the Program Staff 2011 page. 

Splash Assistant Director
Marine Admin
Vapour LIT RC
Inferno Maintenance/Onsite
Static Program Director
Wolverine Campcraft/Waterfront
Orbit Nature/Garden
Nile Arts & Crafts
Giraffe Watercraft/Sojourners
Jorge Adventure
Bacon Special Programs Co-ordinator
Avalanche Music & Drama
Kowari Rock Climbing
Roots Kintail On The Road
Pacific Kintail On The Road
Almond Babysitter-May & June
Flame Head Counsellor

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  • sarah Crivea says:

    hey i was a camper at kintail a few years back just wanted to say it is an AMAZING camp i LOVE it the councilers are nice kids are amazing and the grounds are so beautiful i look forward to coming back soon ! keep it up miss you all (some counilers know me )