Medieval Theme by Inferno

By January 21, 2013Uncategorized

This past summer not only did I get the chance to go on trip a couple times but I was also able to be the program director during K2 which as soooooo much fun. Ever since I was a camper I loved primetime games and watch the theme progress throughout the week making an epic story. So having this opportunity to be the man in charge this week was awesome. The theme was medieval so it became a week of the medieval and mystical realm of Kintail. I’ve always wanted to be a Knight so this was a perfect opportunity to live my dream. There was a royal family with a King (bacon) and queen (guava) as well as a prince (pulse) and princess (armadillo) with myself and Duku as the Knights who protected the royal family from the many other mystical creatures and medieval characters. The games went awesome all week long, and the theme had such good stories it was so much fun. At the end of the week at our final evening feast (dinner) we had live jousting (with pool noodles) from real Knights (counsellors). People has so much fun that at the end of the summer we even decided to do a medieval theme for our year end counsellor party as well. A moment in my camping history that I will never ever forget!  Inferno