Meals at ODA by Moufette

By October 18, 2014Uncategorized

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Kintail’s Outdoor Adventure program eats two of three meals outside; one meal is a take-out while the other is cook. It is my opinion that there is nothing tastier then a meal cooked over a fire but as I learned this year it could be a blast however it can also be a real challenge. This summer we got to cook an assortment of food like grilled cheese, fajitas, potatoes, veggies, and toast. Along with many others but the most memorable cookout meal I think would have to be pork chops night. Once a week usually on Thursday night ODA was given pork chops to cook. The first week we learned, always start the fire earlier then usual to assure that the coals were hot enough, get lots of sticks to keep the fire going and most importantly be patient. Meal times with ODA are always a real treat and you don’t get caught for elbows haha.

Jessie “Mouffette” Villeneuve