March Break Kintail on the Road

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A March Break Kintail on the Road Camper with a Goat.

During March Break (March 14-18) Camp Kintail was honoured to bring the magic of Kintail to two churches and run two separate week-long Day Camp sessions. We were happy to see so many show up to these camps and take part in the fun. This week would not have been so successful without the dedication and help of the volunteers and hosts who helped out throughout the week. Our latest blog post comes from one of these amazing people. The Rev Andrew Cornell from St Andrews Presbyterian Church in Dresden, ON wrote to us at the end of the week. We happy that he allowed us to share his March Break experience with everyone. Here’s what he had to say:


Theresa and Johnathon,

Happy spring! As I write, the sun is shining on a glorious Palm Sunday, are we are still on a high from last week. Kintail on the Road was a fabulous success. Where do I start? First, your staff. Turkey, Arctic and Wren were a pure delight. They have exemplary talent, intelligence, energy and faith. We learned a lot just by watching them in action.

A total of 43 children were part of KOTR (we ranged from 28-36 per day). Some of them were a handful at times. But Turkey, Wren and Arctic gained their trust and respect from Day 1. Some parents told us their kids were singing camp songs well into the evening and couldn’t wait to get out the door in the morning. I have no doubt that some of these precious kids were changed. Many of them are not churched; two of them in particular asked me to pray for them as they were leaving on the final day!

The program itself was inspired. Wonderful theme. Imaginative crafts and activities. Your tireless trio were willing and able to improvise and work in the moment. And they were more than willing to work with our special activities: lambs & goats during the morning of Day 2 and horse-drawn wagon rides in the afternoon. Great memories.

We are on board for more KOTRs, money and volunteers permitting. Feel free to share this letter with your staff and anyone else if it helps the cause. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you prepare for the 2016 season!



If you are interested in hosting a Kintail on the Road session at your church, please visit the Kintail on the Road page.