March Break Kintail on the Road by Wren

Beautiful Sunset over Lake Huron

Last  March (2015) I had the opportunity of helping run Kintail on the Road at Reuben “Roots” St. Louis’ church, Nassaguwaya Presbyterian church. It was a unique experience because we were experiencing camp outside of the normal camp season. We had a lot of fun, and I think it reminded campers (and myself) how much they love camp during a time when summer feels so far away. I really liked doing Kintail on the Road over march break and cannot wait to see what Kintail on the Road looks like this year.

Franceska “Wren” Kocis


March break Kintail on the Road will take place this year at 2 locations during the week of March 14-18 in Dresden and Campbellville. Visit the website or call us to get more information about these events.