Mamma Haze

By February 19, 2014Uncategorized

Around Camp Kintail I am a woman of many jobs and names. I have had the opportunity to be Music & Drama Director, Babysitter, and a Counsellor. Over the years I have developed some nicknames, now, in the real world some of them would seem crazy- Hazel, Rosebush, Rosie, Mudda Goose etc. but at camp it just seem normal. The past two years I have had the pleasure of working alongside with two of my best friends running the Leader in Training Program. 2011 Guava and I ran the Music & Art LIT program with a group of 9 girls. Last summer my fellow LIT Yeti and I ran the Mid-Summer program that consisted of a group of 10 boys and girls. Both groups were extremely different and both extremely rewarding.  It was and amazing experience this summer to work with both groups as staff members. To see my “LIT Babies” as I call them, grow into incredible staff members and work alongside them this summer was truly an honour.  It makes me so proud to see them mature and become phenomenal leaders, as well as my friends. Through this my LITS have dubbed me Mama Haze. Even though it started off as a joke making fun of my age (not funny!) it has turned into one of my favourite nick names and I am glad I can be a mentor and comfort to the future of Camp Kintail. LIT is an amazing experience and I encourage anyone out there who is of age to apply! It is definitely worthwhile.