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Malawi: Quasar’s Story

By June 15, 2010August 10th, 2015Where in the World?

Greetings from Camp Kintail,

It’s Lindsey “Quasar” here. Right now I’m up at camp working on planning an exciting program for the Music and art LITs that are coming this summer. I’m especially excited to teach my LITs some of the things that I learned on my mission trip in May to Malawi.

For a few weeks I, along with 3 other camp Kintail staff, had the amazing opportunity to experience some short-term mission work in Malawi. I find it nearly impossible to find the right words to describe my trip. Being in a different country and a different culture is life-altering. It’s very difficult to see your life the same way afterwards.  While in Malawi we visited some of the projects that the Presbyterian Church in Canada is helping with.

One of the places that I especially enjoyed visiting was Tidzelerana, which was an organization that provided care and support for individuals with disabilities. In May I finished a program at Humber College, working with people with special needs and it was great to use the skills I’d learned in school to help the kids that we met there.

This trip has made me realize the importance of mission, not just overseas, but also in our own communities. I look forward to participating in more mission work and teaching everyone at camp some new songs and dances from Malawi!

I hope to see everyone in the summer!

-Lindsey Quasar

You can see some of my Malawi photos here. And here’s a video of us dancing with some of the kids at the Saturday program at Likhubula.