Malawi: Kamani’s Story

Hello Kintailers!

It has been almost two months since I left on my journey to Malawi Africa! These past two months have given me the opportunity to take in, and reflect on my time spent there, the people I met, and the things I saw. This was most definitely one of the most memorable things that will ever happen to me in my life. I strongly recommend a mission trip to anyone who has the opportunity to do so. I saw so many things first hand. This is both a good thing as well as a very hard thing. The things I took away from my Mission trip will forever be with me. I also hope to share the good and the bad with everyone here at camp, at my home church, and anyone else who would like to hear my stories. If there was one thing I could share with anyone about my trip, it would be that the value of even five dollars does in third world countries is extremely significant. The one little boy I met was 17 years old, and was struggling to pay for food and rent. He lived with only his younger brother because both of his parents died of HIV/AIDS. He provided for both them. His rent every month was 500 kwatcha, that is $3.00 Canadian. Even the littlest things we can do to help, can change peoples lives. I hope to see all of you this summer where I can share more stories with all of you!

From Kamani!