Making Friends at Camp – By Loch

By March 2, 2016Staff
Making Friends at Camp

I think one of the biggest worries everyone has when they’re in a new environment is if they’ll make any friends. I’m sure many new campers have that worry on their first day of camp, because I definitely felt the same way when I started coming to Camp Kintail. The good thing is that the fear of not making friends doesn’t stay long. When you arrive at camp, friendships are made almost instantly. I’ve experienced this first hand when I was a camper, when I was a counselor and when I was on program staff this year. It’s a really magical experience making friends at camp. Everyone is willing to put themselves out there and open up to people they’ve just met. The great thing about the friends you make at camp is that they’ll be your friends forever. No matter how far away they live from you, you’ll always share that special connection and bond you made with them! So many of my best friends are people that I’ve met at camp and even though we live far away, we’re still very close. For example, Aqua and I have been friends ever since we started working at camp in 2013 and even though I go to school in Ottawa now and she goes to school in Waterloo, we’re still super close!

Something about being away from home in a loving and accepting Christian community really brings people together. Camp has such a relaxed and fun atmosphere that making friends and memories is super easy. I’ll be forever grateful for the time I got to spend at Camp Kintail for a number of different reasons, but one of the biggest ones is for the amazing friends I’ve made there.


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