What makes ODA Special by Quantum

By December 3, 2017Uncategorized

What makes my O.D.A. special is the influence the campers have in choosing the weeks activities. I give the campers so much freedom in their choice of O.D.A. activities because I believe that doing what they are interested in means they are more engaged in all our activities. Additionally, it makes the experience more enjoyable for the counsellors because the campers are fully engaged in their sessions.

Another aspect of my O.D.A which is unique is the shelter building sessions. Instead of building shelters out of downed trees and branches, we build all-season shelters out of a tarp and several lengths of rope. The purpose of building shelters this way is to demonstrate how a simple shelter can be extremely effective, as well as giving the campers an opportunity to sleep out under them. Hopefully, by giving campers an opportunity to sleep under shelters they build, it will create a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

The last aspect of my O.D.A. I wish to highlight today is the weekly creek hike. On Wednesdays, each of my O.D.A’s goes on an hour long walk down Kerry’s Creek. Kerry’s Runs along Camp Kintail property all the way into Lake Huron. On Wednesday afternoons, we fit life jackets on all the campers and staff, then make the short trek to onsite. Starting from onsite and walking to Lake Huron takes around an hour. On the creek hike campers experience a more candid outdoor experience. We swim through the deeper sections, skirt small rapids, and stop for some refreshing clay masks. This one-of-a kind hike creates a lasting memory, for all the campers, of their experience at Camp Kintail



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